Letter to the President of the United States


martedì, 04 giugno 2019



In Farigliano (CN – Italy), someone’s showing some guts. And she’s just 14.

Good morning Mr Trump,

You are one of the most powerful men in the world: the President of the USA.

I am writing to you to say that I think that your actions aren’t all correct.

For some time I have been wondering why you want to build the wall to separate the USA and Mexico.

Mexico is a state with poor people, that can’t continue to live in those conditions and wait to leave their country and start a new life; and the USA, if it wants, could help it.

I don’t know if you’re racist, but this is a bad word that explains such a senseless discrimination.

The USA are a big power in economics and politics and I think that if they join with others states, they will help the poorer countries to give a future to the people that live there.

Instead of continuing to feed war, you should search to end all this, and find agreements with other states, like Russia and North Chorea.

Another thing to do is eliminate the atomic bombs and try to spread peace and solidarity in the world.

You should take Gandhi or Mandela as an example, instead of forgetting the past.

Then we need to protect the Earth, we need to end the oil extraction and you should start with it, because your state should be the model state for the others. Accordingly, we can use renewable energy sources, like wind, sun or water.

The world is fantastic: if we don’t stop polluting, your wealth will be useless, because the only true power is nature.

Everyone should make changes in our lifestyles for the peace and save the Earth, but we need the help of powerful countries.

I hope that you hear what I want to tell you and that you will make changes in your programme before it is too late.

Kind regards, Sabrina


Sabrina C. (III F – IC “Luigi Einaudi”, Farigliano)

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